the custom build process

If you’d like to order a custom built instrument from DELM or are curious about our approach to custom built instruments, please read the following information.

DELM instruments are custom made entirely to your specific requirements and preferences. 

The design process is as follows;

1. YOU CHOOSE YOUR INSTRUMENT: You choose the guitar model or instrument you like best, either from our website or showroom. However, if you’d prefer a different shape or design we can fully customise and design one for you.

2.  WE CUSTOMISE THE DESIGN: Together we customise and design the details of your guitar. During this stage, we take into careful consideration your unique playing style and aesthetic preferences.

3. YOU RECEIVE A FORMAL QUOTE: Once the design specifications are finalized and approved by you, you will be notified of the estimated completion date and price of your instrument. A formal quote will be sent to your email listing the specifications and any particulars relating to your guitar.

5. TO START THE BUILD: Once you have read and approved the formal quote you are required to pay a small deposit to start the build process, with the balance payable upon completion. Once the deposit payment is received the build process will commence.

6.  REGULAR BUILD UPDATES: Once building starts, you can expect to receive regular build updates that include photos of the design and building process from start to finish. You will be involved in the building process of your custom instrument every step of the way.

7. COMPLETION: Upon completion, the balance is payable and your instrument is all yours to enjoy!


how to order or make an inquiry

Please use the contact form below to get in touch about a custom made instrument, pickups, guitar setups, repairs and customizations. To order pickups, place an inquiry through the form below. 

Michael is here to help you and welcomes any questions or inquiries.