michael de luca


Michael deluca custom built handmade guitars

All of the guitars I make are made entirely by hand from tonewoods from start to finish. 

The process begins with the client choosing the style of guitar they like and their preference in tonewoods. 

The next step of the custom build process involves discussing the guitars overall appearance and feel. During this stage, I also take into consideration the tonal qualities that the customer is looking for. 

Once the design process is finished and the details have been finalised, they are sent to the client to be approved. Once approved, I begin the process of building their custom guitar.

When I make an instrument it is with devotion, perfection and attention to detail. For me it is a personal experience that I can only describe as an immense passion for my craft. Each guitar I make has a history, a personality and a soul that reflects the player’s personality and playing style.