“Mick is a very unique person. He can draw a picture that is so perfect you’d think it was a photo, he is a true artist and luthier in every sense of the word. He builds guitars like artists draw paintings. Every single part, the wood, the paint, is scrutinized. 

The thing I love most about Mick is that, second best won’t do. The word okay is not in his vocabulary, if it’s not as close to perfect as he can get it, then he starts again. The detail he pays attention to is second to none, he winds pickups to the exact requirement, he experiments with sounds and woods, he has a lot of knowledge about wood and resonance, a phone call with Mick can last an hour yet it feels like 5 minutes have gone by. 

If you are like me and sick of spending good money on so called “known brands” that rely on their name and not quality, and you want something truly special, I suggest you give Mick a call. I have been playing guitar for 50 years and have met a lot of guitar builders but Mick De Luca is the man for me.”