“I first found out about Michael when I saw a mates custom built guitar – and I wanted one too!
From my first discussion with Michael, I knew he was thorough and I was in good hands in getting a custom built guitar. We discussed woods, material, accessories in-depth, ensuring I would receive the guitar I envisioned in my head.
All the choices were mine from picking the piece of wood to the accessories. From that point onwards, Michael kept in constant touch with me throughout the experience, sending me photos as he created the guitar, step by step. It was enthralling seeing the guitar come to life bit by bit! 
I had the colour of the guitar in my head and it was tricky getting it across to Michael. One Saturday morning, he called me to come over and pick from 4 different samples of colour on the wood of the guitar – one piece was spot on!
Now I was really excited as I could feel the end nearing. When Michael called me to come over and pick up the finished instrument, I was beside myself. I walked into his workshop and saw what can only be described as a masterpiece. There stood the guitar I envisioned in my head, in front of me. And it was perfect!
I can’t recommend Michael highly enough. He was professional, attentive and had the vision to create what I saw in my head. Thanks again Michael!”